Snow Wisdom

Snow Wisdom – a light projection mapping 2015

– Gentle, soft and calming, but unsettling power and wisdom worth half a year of experiences and much more beneath.
Half a year in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Half a year of working with refugees and with extraordinary new situations. Trying to understand what’s happening and how to deal with it. Hardly any acceptable solutions. The feeling of drowning…

Many of these controversial, disturbing and deeply depressing experiences kept in a diary, which soon got filled with a seemingly never ending flow of words.

Now all these words are falling slowly, calming like snow. But they are made out of light, hope and wisdom.

Pictures and video from the Instalation at Art University Linz, 2015.



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Exquisite and soft to the touch… the MILK STONE jewelry line

and the worlds first MILKIMBA. A musical instrument,

a Kalimba made out of MILK STONE,

by Cory Rose.

Imagine a world without plastic. Without plastic waste.

Furthermore a world where everyone can produce their own organic plastic material that looks like ivory.

Welcome to the world of MILK STONE.

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My first movie masterpiece that evolved out of my frequency journey. (see posts Part I,II&III)

It is playing with the idea of frequencies. In which state we are in as individual aswell as society right now? How do we handle precious resources? Is it chaos or still well-arranged? What is real and what matrix?


The Matrix Of Milk Cymatics