Part II: the frequency of words and thoughts – Dr. Emoto

As the electromagnetic spectrum shows, there are a lot more (Hz) frequencies than those we can see, hear or use. And since all is frequency, so are we and everything we think say or do has a certain wavelength that influences us and our surrounding. As the awareness on our planet grows and especially now in the great shift, I sense that we reactivate our sensitiveness to those things and start to feel frequencies better and are especially more able to recognize and divide them.

One brilliant, happy and playful mind and scientist who dedicated his live and work to this, was Dr. Masaru Emoto.

With his snowflake photographs he found out that water is not just water, but is able to memorize information, in a way modern science is not able to understand yet.

As he took this further to the rice experiment, he showed how strong our mind can be and how the frequency of our thinking and acting influences our reality.

Here is a wonderful blog post about his life and work. Look at the brilliant snowflake pictures!

I decided to try the experiment with milk and milk rice.



 START : DAY 1 – 10.01.15
 END     : DAY 5 – 15.01.15

– I prepared 4 glasses (all bought on the same day, same store, for that particular purpose)

– bought one package of milk & one package of rice

– cooked some milk rice with it

– filled 2 glasses with normal milk & 2 glasses with the milk rice

From the moment I filled the glasses, the challenge was to completely focus, with all my intentions, on one positively and on the other one negatively. And from thereon everyday, in the morning and every time I passed, I imagined the good pure white milk and the gross old and stinky milk. And I also talked to it in that manner.

Not much happened in the first days until day 5. When I woke up there was a dramatic and clear change to be seen.

The “bad” milk rice started to mould and got a little bit darker yellow in the center. The milk was completely deformed and destroyed.

I couldn’t believe that hate can make things so ugly… but there it was in front of my eyes on the kitchen table. A ugly glass of milk rotted inside out full of hate and disgust. Also the rice was caved in as if he was ashamed.

The “good” milk instead, while showing the same signs of aging, sill remained to look very beautiful and nice. Also the rice looked beautiful delicious and somehow strong and happy.




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