Part I: journey of understanding frequencies

Everything is vibration, everything is frequency. Quantum physics say that and I have the feeling that this is very true, but I wanted find out more about it and try to understand this intangible thing that seems to hide in music, feelings, thoughts, interhuman relations and materialism.

On my (never ending…) frequency journey I learnt and read about: Dr. Masaru Emoto, Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni, Cymatics, John Samuel Hagelins unified field theory, about Hertz, tone generators and the electromagnetic spectrum. Also a lot about music, quantum physics, holy geometry and how some new pictures of the Hubble Space Telescope show that micro and macro cosmos are connected through frequency…

Now I want to invite you on that journey aswell by showing you in the following posts some of my own experiences and artwork that evolved from it.

First of all, a little illustrative video with interesting facts and thoughts about frequencies. – The law of vibration.

In these pictures you can see that only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible. But that “small part” contains everything we can see.

Very high frequencies from 300 Exahertz to 3 Petahertz are ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, x-rays and the higher ultraviolet part.

Then there is the visible part around 300 Terahertz followed by infrared around 3 Terahertz.

From 300 Gigahertz to 30 Megahertz is the microwave frequency and from 30 Megahertz to 3 Kilohertz the radio waves.



Humans can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (the audio range or hearing range) although this range varies significantly with age, occupational hearing damage, and gender. The majority of people can no longer hear 20,000 Hz by the time they are teenagers, and progressively lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as they get older.

Most human speech communication takes place between 200 and 8,000 Hz and the human ear is most sensitive to frequencies around 1,000-3,500 Hz.

Sound above the hearing range is known as ultrasound, and that below the hearing range as infrasound.

Here is an online tone generator to get in touch with the frequencies we can hear. 😉



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