Day 8 – Farewell…


Es war einmal…

Let me shortly describe our situation and mission here.

Gottsbüren is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Germany, about 20 miles from Kassel. This beautiful little village, build in half-timbered style and surrounded by nature, has to deal with outflow of people. Once there was a pretty good infrastructure in this fairy tale like village but gradually school, hairdresser, shoe shop, butcher, pension, restaurant, bar, and every food shop closed. Partly because people moved away, leaving empty houses behind and partly because the majority of the now remaining 800 villagers is 60+. A slowly dying fairy tale.

Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind…

Now we, art students and teachers from the art university, department space&designstrategies, in Linz, Austria, with “cow” as currant topic of the year, found it a perfect match to interfere. With the goal not to change the people or community there, but to give them a opportunity to get inspired, a new point of view and a chance to change themselves and their circumstances, to revitalize this nice piece of earth again. We also want to spread the news that there are empty houses for sale! In the countryside! In a nice village! Waiting fore someone to take care! And very VERY cheap!! We want to get people from Kassel, the next bigger town nearby, interested to come, see and understand the benefits of moving to the countryside. So we are making a big exhibition called 2nd CENTENNIALE GOTTSBÜREN (exhibition every 100 years), where every student is presenting his or her own project they had over the semester. And we have our own TV show, revealing a new episode everyday on Offener Kanal Kassel broadcast.

So lets see how the story goes…



diary 29. June 2015

The majority of our art collective left already, with the exception of some brave ones who declared to stay the whole month. Some will also come back during the next 3 weeks and will take part at the next events, but for me this is farewell.

We shared a lovely breakfast with our host couple, before our host grandpa drove us to the train station.

Goodbye Gottsbüren, with all your hidden mysteries…

Hello next adventure!

IMG_9500 (2)

Here is a quite interisting and funny last video I found about Gottsbüren, that explains my question about the Vision a bit.

important Q-TV episodes

Q-TV 20

Q-TV 19

Q-TV 17

Q-TV 14

space&designstrategies university homepage

Gottsbüren homepage


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